Design Parade 11
Villa Noailles - Hyères, France
Le Modulor 1950-2007
Tailor Books Project
July, 1-3  2016

31th International Festival 
of Fashion and Photography
Villa Noailles - Hyères, France
Les éphémères de la mode - les catalogues comme livres de photographie
Tailor Books Project
April 21-24, 2016

Using photography in order to communicate widely has long been a pious oath
in the medium’s short history. The industrial enthusiasm of the 19th century
unfolded in concert with the discipline’s development, but it was the
expansion of photomechanical procedures in the 1920s, and their irreversible
entry into the press, which truly marked the beginning of photography as a
communication tool. Colour came later, wars passed, advertising spread,
became more complex and the post Second World War boom of thirty years became
the prosperous years of advertising. The frantic competitiveness of the fashion industry demanded
an increased sophistication in communication methods, a stronger
affirmation of brand identities, beyond the clothes and traditional
collaboration between designer and photographer. The 1980s dedicated itself
to graphic designers and their pivotal role as orchestrators in an ambitious
global strategy to distinguish brands from their competitors.